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BROWER - Little Big (cassette)


Nat Brower is 1/2 of the squealing rock’n’roll chipmunk duo, NANCY (the other half being his tushy-brother, DANGUS TARKUS, also part of the DIG! stable of stars). Coining it his “Soft Rock” album, Little Big is the debut EP from BROWER, this stay-at-home songwriting talent’s new dish. As always, with BROWER, he’s taken to his bedroom for production (some vocals were recorded in his bathroom), and reveals the inner workings of his radio-ready, Beatles-obsessed brain. It’s an intimate Revolver-era rock record, a musical cup of tea. Guitars are warm and fuzzy; harmonies are tasty and smooth. Complete with “oooh-la-las” and swirling licks, rock nerds far and wide will swoon for this DIY robed renegade.

And lookout for BROWER’s full-length “Hard Rock” album — a glam glitter-bomb of Buzzsaw Rock, aptly entitled, BUZZSAWS — out this Fall on DIG! RECORDS